Carer Awareness Day 2021:Community Events for Carers on 29th May
Apart from the virtual conference on 28th May, different organizations and service units in the community have also arranged diversified events for Carers, to raise their awareness on their own personal needs.   There are different types of programme on 29th May, our programmes include gardening, Handicraft Workshop, Stretching Relaxation Workshop etc. We welcome all Carers to participate these activities. Please contact the person in-charge of each workshop for further details if you are interested on it.           Please click the link below for further details:   Remarks:Quota for each programme is limited & will served in first come first serve basis, please contact each service unit for the enrolment details.
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2021 Carer Awareness Day:Conference on 28th May
2021 Carer Awareness Day – Conference and Community Programmes “Strategies for Carer Diversity”     Funded by The Community Chest of Hong Kong, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service (BOKSS) CARE College organizes “Carer Awareness Day”. The annual event aims to promote carer awareness through providing public promotion and education initiatives that focus on advancing community stakeholders’ discussion and dialogue on the needs, roles, challenges, and solutions of carers. This year’s “2021 Carer Awareness Day” will be held on two consecutive days on 28th – 29th May. The topic of “Strategies for Carer Diversity” will be the theme for our Conference and Community Programmes. The conference consists of overseas professionals to share their expertise and experience on the issues and common needs amongst our community stakeholders and the general public.1. Conference (28th MAY, 2021) This year, Conference has switched to a virtual conference in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak. To address and look at the issues that carers are facing, the conference will discuss various topics includes diverse issues but common needs and actions from multi-fronts via live streaming. Here’s the conference details: Date: 28th MAY, 2021 (Friday) Time: 9:00AM - 5:15PM (Registration starts at 9:00AM) Language: Mainly Cantonese (Indicated sessions: Partly conducted in English or Mandarin) Format: Virtual Conference via WHOVA Platform Audience: Social Service and Professional Sector, Business Sector, Academic field, & General Public Fee: Free of Charge Registration deadline: 21st MAY, 2021 (Friday) Enquiry: Phone: 3188 1633 or 3611 7145 / Email: June Lun)   Register Now   Community Programmes (29th MAY, 2021)We’ve invited different non-profit organization as our Co-Organisers to organize numerous community programmes on carer wellness in the community on 29th MAY, 2021. The Community Programmes includes artistic, healthy & experiencing carer wellness activities. Please visit our website for more details.   If you have any enquiry, feel free to contact Ms. June Lun at 3188 1633 or 3611 7145 or email to
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Prevent the Tragedy Happens Again by Responding The Needs of Carers Immediately
Prevent the Tragedy Happens Again by Responding the Needs of Carers Immediately--Construct a Carer Friendly community through CARER EPS & Carer Advance Directives for Caring(CAD)   There are many tragedic events related to carers happened on 2020:1. An elderly couple was found to have fallen from height at Tai Wo Hau Estate on mid of April and they were suffered from prolonged illness.2. An elderly woman and her middle-aged daughter was found to have fallen from height at Tseung Kwan O Metro City on mid of May, and the daughter was suffering from illness.3. At early September, a 21 years old boy who suffered from Intellectual Disability was killed by his 46 years old mother at Kwai Chung Estate.4. There are two tragedies related to Carers happened on December: A mother and her daughter were found dead at Siu Hong Court A disabled women was died of accident at Mei Lam Estate as she was not saved in time   These incidents have shown that many carers are facing helpless and desperate situation. It is crucial to raise public awareness on supporting the carers' needs immediately.   As an organization of advocating carers' needs to public, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service (BOKSS) has been continuously conerned on carers' needs. BOKSS has held a press conference on 29th December 2020 to response the carers' needs through the CARER EPS (EPS) & Carer Advance Directives for Caring (CAD), which has launched since September 2020, to encourage a Carer friendly community.   If you want to understand further information on Carer EPS & Carer Advance Directives for Caring (CAD), please click here to view the press release.