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“Care Buddies” Training Program

4.3.2022 - 18.3.2022
1pm - 5pm
Online Course Via Zoom
Carers who are willing to Participate in Caring Service
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“Care Buddies” Training Program is designed for the Carers who are willing to participating in Caring service, by teaching them how to provide support other Carers with using their own personal experience to build up peer support network with other Carers. We also provide caring service sessions after the course has completed, providing opportunities for Carers to support others by exchange caring experience and information on community resources.


Course Date & Time:
1. Tutorial Session
Date:4th, 11th & 18th March, 2022 (Every Friday)
Time:1pm to 5pm
2. Caring Service Session
Date:18th March to 21st May, 2022
Time:The time will be confirmed with Carers individually
Remarks:Participants need to attend at least 80% of the Tutorial Session and join the Caring Service Session.
Course Content:
1. Becoming CARE Buddies - Understanding the responsibilities and role of CARE Buddies
2. Wellness - Understanding the importance of Physical and Psychological Health
3. Core Attitude of CARE Buddies - Building up interpersonal relationship with truth, sincere and empathy
4. Communication - Skills of building up relationship with Carers
5. Practice on Caring Services - Sharing of Caring Skills by Carer Peer Tutor and Previous CARE Buddies Volunteer
Tutor:Project Manager & Carer Peer Tutor
Target Participants:Carers who are willing to participate in Caring Service
Venue:Online Event Via Zoom*
Quota:15 people
Our Staff will confirm your eligibility and understand your caring experience once 


*The tuition method will be affected by the epidemic situation and latest disease prevention measures.